Saturday, 21 November 2015

Install all Windows Softwares in just one Click


Install all Windows Softwares in just one Click

After installing fresh windows the biggest problem we face is to install system drivers and software which we want to use. Again if you have compact disk of your computer drivers or in local disk drive than you are lucky otherwise you can also install windows drivers in just one click with the help of this software. Now after installing drivers computer is useless without software like Microsoft Office, Flash, Google Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, Drop Box, Avast Antivirus, Winrar, Java etc. So you need to first download the latest version of these programs from internet and install each software one by one manually. This is really a very painful process as it takes lots of time and effort.

The Solution is

The solution to this big problem which allows you to select all your desire software from the main website page and create a mini installer package from it. Download the installer package and install it in your system. Run the software and forget about any thing else. You are done, rest is done by this tiny little software package which not only downloads the latest edition of all your desire software but also install it so you don’t have to do any thing.
Also this is not the end of world because the installer package will remain on your system and when ever a new update will be available it will notify your via a pop up message on your task bar or you can set it to automatically as well.
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