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How to Factory Reset your Windows Computer


How to Factory Reset your Windows Computer

When we first install windows it works like a super machine but soon after installing some programs and using internet it tends to get very slow. Mainly this is happens because of viruses, malwares and software which are not written in a right way. These software change the registry settings of windows operating system and hence causes many problems like slowness, restarts, system halt and no response system etc. So if you want to factory reset your windows computer than you need to do the following steps.

Windows XP

Windows XP comes with an option of backup and System Restore but the problem is that you have to create system point first if you want to restore it. If you haven’t any than you need to reinstall it from scratch. In case of system restore point created just select that date where you want your system and click on restore button.
installing windows xp in urdu

Windows 7

In Windows along with system restore point you have the option of system repair through Windows Recovery Discs. This will save lots of your time and effort because you only need to provide the Recovery Disc at the boot time and reset will be done by this. Download Windows 7 system repair disks from official Microsoft’s online service at DigitalRiver

installing windows 7

Windows 8

Along with all other option likes System restore, System repair, rescue disks and Recovery Partition Windows 8 comes with “Refresh” or “Reset” option. This is much more advanced and easy option compare to the previous option which makes our life much more easier than ever before.
Refresh option is used when you want all your personal Windows settings, data and apps in tact but it will delete all other apps.
Reset option will completely uninstall your windows and install fresh copy but all you need to do is to press the rest button only. Reset of the operation will be automatic and you don’t have to do any thing.


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