Saturday, 21 November 2015

How to Install Windows from USB Flash Drive


How to Install Windows from USB Flash Drive

Installing Windows from compact disk or DVD is the thing of the past and future laptop will also ship without any CD/DVD Rom. We all use it for several years it was far better than the floppy disk option but as the floppy drive was remove from this world few years back now it’s time for CD/DVD Rom. With the ever going increase of USB flash drives even big companies are starting to provide all drivers, software on internet so that users can download them and save it on hard drive or in USB drive.

Things you need

  • Windows installation Disk/iSO image
  • Empty 4GB Flash Drive
  • WintoFlash Software
First of all visit the official website of WintoFlash and download the latest free software from the link mention at the top of the page. After download unzip the file in a new folder any where on desktop.
Double click on WinToFlash exe file located in the unzip folder and select the new task as mention in the picture below.
Next screen will show you the options that which task you want to perform. Simply select your desired operating system and in my case I select the Windows 7 to USB drive option.
Now the most important step and that is to choosing the actual CD/DVD or iSO image link. After that select the destination USB drive link where you want to copy all the files. Remember that your USB drive must be empty because this software will format the drive first. Click on Run button and sit back and relax as it will take some time to create your USB boot able drive.


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