Saturday, 21 November 2015

How to Automate Tasks in Windows


How to Automate Tasks in Windows

Microsoft introduced the Macro Recorder feature in it’s first version of Windows 3.1 back in 90′s and this was an awesome tool back then. As the time passed more and more third party companies have jumped into this field and now it’s very easy to record your tasks ans repeat them. We all have a habit of doing same things in our life again and again like signing in into our email account, opening many tab windows in web browser, renaming countless files, cropping images etc. These little tasks can take huge amount of precious time but now you don’t need to repeat all windows tasks again and again.


We all know that Parrot is an animal which will repeat what you do infront of him. Same is the case with WinParrot, it’s a tiny little windows program which will repeat all task which you will record infront of it. So if you wanted to start antivirus scan process automatically without being physically present infront of your computer than this software is for you. This is just the one example I have quoted here but the possibilities are unlimited. You can automate any thing you like and these little things can make your life easier than ever before.
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